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Laboratory Personel

Personnel are experienced in fine physics research in fields of physics of metals concerning problems of steels and alloys production and treatment (high strength steels, heat and corrosion resistant steels, high speed tool steels with coatings, etc.). This laboratory is also experienced in technological researches in frameworks of the European Community (some INTAS projects: 97-0181, 97-31994, 97-31879, 00-0064)

Basic and applied research is being conducted in the in the following fields:

  • phase and structure transformations in steels during various stages of their treatment (smelting, rolling, heating);
  • investigations of micro-uniformity steels and alloys chemical composition at various stages of steel production and treatment;
  • development of surface and interface analysis novel methods and their implementation in metallurgy researches;
  • development of computer modelling methods (for thermodynamics calculations, computer modelling of wide range of phenomena in steels and alloys) and their implementation in metallurgy.
  • Investigation friction and wear of wide kinds of materials by modern techniques of surface analysis.

All members of the team are skilled in fields of metal science, steel production, computer modelling. They are also qualified software developers.

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