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Investigation of the Microstructure and Chemical Composition in Micro-Volumes

1. Microstructure Investigation
  • Preparation of polished grind, selection of etching reagent and etching of the grind;
  • Investigation of the microstructure (without quantitative statistical analysis
  • Pictures of microstructural failures in secondary electrons (SEM)
  • Pictures of microstructural failures with data of macro- and microchemical nongomogeneity by SEM with Solid Pair Detector (atomic number contrast)
  • Investigation of microstructure using an image analyzer and quantitative statistical analysis
  • Grain size, size distribution curves for matrix and nonmetalic inclusions or separately phases in multiphase materials
  • Fractional analysis of powder conducted materials
2. X-Ray
  • (qualitative) microanalysis of the conducting samples with line or map distribution analysis (magnification >=1000)

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